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Scholarship Fund

As an educational non-profit organization, we do what we can to make sure our prices remain affordable for anyone interested in our programs and camps. In order to do this, we rely on the generosity of our supporters. Donations go directly to providing scholarship opportunities for those groups and camp families with the greatest financial need. Please contact us about donating to our scholarship fund: 410.343.0101 or


Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to our annual Day of Giving event, we also have opportunities for a variety of community service activities year-round, and enthusiastically welcome volunteers. Volunteer activities in the past have included trail and property maintenance, tree planting, gardening, painting, mulching, and picnic table construction. We have helped a number of scouts earn their badges, and our latest Eagle Scout project involved designing a new ropes course element! Please contact us for details: 410.343.0101 or


Opportunity: Landscaping!

Description: Help us keep Genesee Valley looking beautiful! Some tasks include trimming bushes and trees, weed whacking, spraying weeds and poison ivy with roundup, spreading mulch around challenge course elements, pulling cattails out of our lakes, and replacing broken fence posts and rails.

Requirements: You will be assigned tasks that you are physically capable of completing. Please note that all tasks are done outside on our 150 acre property. You will be trained on any tools or equipment that you are asked to use.

Time: Ongoing opportunity or one-time

Who can help: Individuals or groups

Age: High school – Adult

Contact: Christian at


Opportunity: Handyman Assistant

Description: Do you enjoy carpentry work and building repair? Then this is the position for you! Annually, we host 10,000 individuals on our Challenge Course and you can help us repair some of the 25 buildings we use to host our groups. Common repairs include window, wall, and roof repair. We do have tools available for use, but you are free to bring your own.

Requirements: Carpentry and construction skills.

Time: We can use help on a weekly, monthly, or occasional basis.

Who can help: Individuals or groups

Age: Adult

Contact: Christian at


Opportunity: Summer staff cook

Description: Cook a few meals a week for our fun loving summer camp staff and counselors. Hot lunch options include casseroles, quiches, pasta, etc. Prepare salad with toppings. Set out cold cut sandwich options. Meal time is Noon – 1 pm. Some cooking and prep will be necessary most days. Put food back in fridge and clean counters and dishes after lunch. Shopping for groceries would also be helpful, but not necessary.

Requirements: Able to cook a meal by following a recipe.

Time: Now – August 22nd. Daily or weekly volunteers.

Who can help: Individuals

Age: Adult

Contact: Christian at


Opportunity: Day of Giving

Description: Genesee Valley’s annual day of service. Projects in the past have included, painting, installing seating for high ropes elements, sealing walls with waterproof sealant, trimming weeds, and spreading mulch.

Requirements: Enjoy spending time with other folks and helping out the Valley!

Time: Saturday October 18th
9 am – 1 pm projects
1 pm lunch
2 – 4 pm zip lines in thanks for serving!

Who can help: Individuals or groups

Age: Children and Adults

Contact: Christian at